Teens Against Intolerance was developed as a “youth teaching youth” program with the main objective to perform an in-person, impactful presentation to help break down religious stereotypes and lead to tolerance and peace. Teens Against Intolerance, created by teens and run by teens, hosted its very first presentation to nearly 100 middle school students at the 32nd Annual Colloquium at The Center for Holocaust, Human Rights and Genocide Education (based in Lincroft, NJ, at Brookdale Community College.) The  assembly, led by a diverse group of high school teens, features interactive and unique activities.

As we continue to work on achieving our goal of eliminating intolerance of any kind by celebrating our differences and recognizing our similarities, we have begun to develop student-run chapters in high schools. High school students who are passionate about breaking down barriers are invited to initiate a Teens Against Intolerance chapter at their schools. You will always have the support and resources of the founding Teens Against Intolerance members.

Thank you for your dedication to tolerance, and welcome to Teens Against Intolerance!

To get started, just complete the Student Chapter Registration Form, and you're on your way!

~ Lily

Lily Krietzberg, Founder and President of Teens Against Intolerance

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